Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A few days in our life.... :o)

2nd post!!!!

Bella LOVES school and I have really been praying for creativity lately in teaching her.... This idea came to me yesterday as we were snuggling in the bed playing on the "doodle thing" (I always forget what this is called!) Buy it if you don't have it!!! Its incredible! Thanks Michelle & Adam!

We're working on writing letters 1-10 and she's doing GREAT for only 3yrs old....Bella barely got to #5 just tracing my #s & started to get bored & bouncy.... My efforts and chats of "Bella try & focus" were not working at all ha!

OFF went the light bulb!! "Our Numbers Family" I draw the mommy # (7 on the left) and she draws the big daddy # and the lil Bella #.... We played/drew all the way up to 10 w incredible focus! She did GREAT!! THIS is my goal.... working on school or really anything we do, being proactive and creative enough that Bella is soooo excited & engaged! It was so fullfilling and exciting for me to SEE her really get it just because I took a moment to find the "right gear"!

What else?....... We've have been to a few GREAT places around town lately!!

*** Costco with my dad, "Papa" is always a fun adventure for Bella! MUST go on a weekend....Do you know how many samples there are?! Im not talking lil teeny samples either.... big ole portions! Bellas rocking some kind of ice cream in this shot!

I have never been here and its INCREDIBLE!!! We went to lunch with my Dads Office, Flautt Financial! Such incredible Italian happiness. We had Tiramisu for dessert, which my 3 yr old wolfed down & called "Tear-a-me-soup" ha!!!

This place is MAGICAL at night.... twinkle lights everywhere and free wine tasting!
A must see!

The inside is FABULOUS, check out that fireplace!

More later......


i went crazy again today said...

i wish that i was a "stay at home" adult and could just play with you a bella all day!!!! cant wait til friday:) :)

Tom said...
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